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If you have ever lost or misplaced your original GED Transcript, then you probably know how difficult it can be to replace it. You probably will face a similar problem if you ever want an additional copy of the original for storage or to display. Reordering a GED Transcript or trying to obtain a second copy can be a big hassle – like going to the DMV or trying to get a another copy of your birth certificate, definitely an experience you will want to avoid if possible. Many people Buy Fake GED Transcripts instead. Fake GED diplomas can be purchased online and displayed in place of the original diploma.

Fake GED Transcripts are not limited to people who have already had a GED Diploma in the past. Anyone can order them. Have you always wanted to go for your GED, but never did? Purchase a Fake GED Certificate online to hang on your wall as a reminder and inspiration for you to go after your goal of obtaining it. Do you want to trick someone into thinking you have already passed? Fake GED Transcripts are great for fooling just about anyone!

Over the years we have heard many stories from our readers about how they had decided to use their Fake GED Transcripts. They have been used for everything from replacement transcritps to movie props and even as elaborate pranks. For example, a reader emailed me a few weeks after purchasing a Fake GED Transcript  to tell us a story about how it had been used as a funny prank. He worked at a bank and had a coworker that would constantly brag about his master degree from some big-shot Ivy League university. Everyone in the office was annoyed by it and our reader decided to play a little prank on him in revenge. Well, when the unsuspecting victim left his office, our storyteller snuck into his office and replaced his precious master diploma with a Fake GED Transcript. It hung on the wall behind him for days while he bragged about his level of education to customers and employees that were sitting on the other side of the desk, in direct line of sight with the Fake GED Transcript. Needless to say he was a bit perturbed when the prank was discovered, but overall we were told it made for a good laugh in the office for a few days.

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